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Gentry House donors help transform lives.

Our community donors are made up of individuals and businesses who are passionate about transforming lives, committed to creating action, and dedicated to bringing together the expertise and resources that get results. They take on the biggest challenges of our community – empowering families to and individuals to attain safe and sustainable housing while on their pathway to success.

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A Community in Need

The poverty rate in our community is three times higher than the national average. We are inundated every day with requests for  housing from families and individuals who are living on the streets, in vehicles, or couch surfing until they can afford a place. We receive constant requests for emergency assistance from families who are just trying to make ends meet so they don’t end up destitute or homeless.

What We Can Do

At The Gentry House, we offer community members a stable support system with individual coaching. First, we meet their immediate needs, then we are able to tackle the deeper issues. Homelessness is a symptom of much deeper causes; we help our clients identify those causes and address them together. By focusing on the root causes of homelessness, we can do more than offer a temporary solution to help with an immediate crisis. We are able to help people transform their lives as we partner with them along their pathway to success.

How You Can Help

By becoming a financial partner with The Gentry House, you can be part of the solution to ending homelessness in our community. Your financial support goes directly to helping keep families off the streets and in their homes. Financial support is needed to help fund things like:

  • Computer equipment for use in career training and financial literacy labs.
  • Transportation assistance to help people get to work and school.
  • Curriculum and supplies for LifeLabs workshops and seminars.
  • Furnishing transitional housing units for families who are homeless.

Community Giving members are an integral part of providing hundreds of individuals each year with programs and services they need to improve their lives. Community Giving members support The Gentry House with an annual gift of $300 or more. These donations are leveraged across the most effective, measurable programs addressing issues in housing, financial stability, and employment.
Use the options below to set up a monthly donation or a one time gift to become a Community Partner. If you have any trouble using the payment options below or if you’d like to donate a custom amount, please contact our office at 270-761-6802.
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Community Giving

Giving Opportunities

Community Partner
Give $1800 Annually  ($150 monthly)

Community Investor
Give $1200 Annually  ($100 monthly)

Community Advocate
Give $600 Annually($50   monthly)

Community Supporter
Give $300 Annually  ($25   monthly)

Tax Savings Impact

$1,200 Gift

Tax Savings of $336*
Actual Gift Costs $864

$1,800 Gift

Tax Savings of $504*
Actual Gift Costs $1,296

*Assumes a 28% tax bracket. Your savings may increase if you are in a higher tax bracket. For specific information on your tax savings, consult your tax adviser.

Where do the donations go?

Closer Look

  • Transitional Housing
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Emergency Assistance

Recognizing the need to build a bridge between homelessness and permanent housing, Gentry House offers families a temporary, rent-free, place to live while clients work towards long-term success. The program offers intensive case-management by utilizing a strengths-based approach to supportive coaching that focuses on needs in the areas of housing, employment, education, mental and physical health, child-related issues, finances, and supportive services.

Donations to Gentry House provide essential needs for families while they reside in the transitional living program. These needs range from household goods, utilities like water and electric, and maintenance and upkeep on the property.

Gentry House works with many clients to prevent future instances of homelessness. While each client embarks on their own Pathway to Success, they are enrolled in a dynamic curriculum of workshops called LifeLabs that helps individuals and families develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to retain housing and build a more secure economic foundation. LifeLabs offers workshops, training, and supportive engagement to participants.

Donations to Gentry House help cover the costs of supplies and materials to host these workshops for our community, making it possible for families with few financial resources to attend and benefit from these workshops. Workshops include:

  • HousingLab: focuses on current housing opportunities and options, fair housing practices, housing searches, suitable housing, and utilities issues.
  • MoneyLab: provides participants with healthy budgeting tips,real-world money saving tools, financial management options, and connects them with community bankers who will advise them on best banking practices and options.
  • CareerLab: informs participants of current job openings while giving them tips about best interview practices, job seeking tips, career path options, and continuing education services.
  • MyLab: focuses on topics like nutrition, parenting, anger management, communication, and personal development. Each workshop supports healthy family dynamics, general health, and emotional wellness.

The Gentry House knows that sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Job loss, disaster, medical issues, or other crises can really knock you off your feet- even if only for a moment. We help clients secure necessities, find shelter, and move past the initial crisis.

Donations to Gentry House help support community members who need emergency assistance by providing for immediate emergency shelter and emergency transportation to jobs, hospitals, shelters, or school.

What our community partners say.

Partnership works!

By working together, we are able to accomplish more for our community than any one organization could ever hope to on their own. We are proud to work with community partners from all different types of organizations and businesses.

Our community is an important part of everything we do and we are proud to partner with The Gentry House because of the ongoing work they do in our community for the families who need it most!

Jason Billington
The Murray Insurance Agency

UWMCC considers Gentry House a critical partner in meeting the human service needs of Murray-Calloway County. Gentry House promotes sound human development to improve quality financial and housing decisions for future family success.

Gerald Washington
United Way of Murray-Calloway County

Ending Homelessness Since 1997